Friday, April 1, 2011

Battle Arena

This is for battle training. It has all sorts of dangerous weapons....... he he! >:)


Deep, thick woods full of huge, towering trees. It contains a few monsters for battle training, and some tree nymphs live here.

Moonlight Glade

An extremely romantic glade on the edge of the forest. Even though Artemis is an eternal maiden, she supports this are with extra moonlight.


Another field with tall grass and flowers. It is very relaxing here, and sometimes romantic during sunsets.

Strawberry Fields

Great, spacious fields covered in strawberries! Many demi-gods love to lay around here, eating the strawberries.


This is where we gather together at the end of the day, singing songs, giving food in honor of the gods, lots of stuff.

Dining Pavilion

This is where we all eat our meals.